Thursday, August 27, 2015



Apa khabar semua. Hrap semua sihat walafiat. Saje je nk update poat skit mnggu ni. Terasa rindu dengan suami sendiri. Huhu... 

Suami ada je depan mata. Tapi hati rasa rindu. Rindu gurauan senda.. Masing2 bz dengan kerja. Saya sibuk, dia pun sibuk. Masa yang ada, spend dengan sebaiknya tapai hati masih rasa rindu. I need a break from hectic life. Bila la dapat jadi suri rumah sepenuh masa ni. Huhu. 

Tambahan pula dengan urusan rumah baru kami, lagi la bertambah bz. Masa ngah type post ni pun, suami ngah keje.. Sy pun baru je balik dari keje, even di hari minggu. Aisyah ada kat kampung, sy keseorangan menahan rindu kat anak dan suami, huhu.... Sedihhhhh:( 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

My night routine:)

Salam everyone

Its been few weeks (or month?) since my last post. Its kinda a busy month for me and husband since i'm too busy with work and preparing my family for raya. 

Anyway this post is not about raya, i'll post about raya later. This post is about my night routine. I don't know why but i'm in the mood of posting this kinda post right now, hehe. So, bear with me:) 

My night time is the 2nd most favorite time of mine in a week after a weekend. Most of the time about 3 times in a week, i'll be working even at night, so i'll definitely will appreciate and enjoy my night time so much. 

So this post is roughly about my night time routine, sort of. 

Usually after solat isyak, I'll spend a little bit of time doing house chores and playing with my baby. Around 10pm, i'll prepare my self and my baby for bed. 

I'll usually start with cleansing my face with my favourite make up removal. I used variety of product but my current product that I used to remove make up/dirt on face is SimplySiti make up removal. I love this so much, i've been using this one a lot, and planning to get another bottle real soon, hehe. 

Then, I'll wash my face with my fav facial wash. Since this is my weekend night, I'll add on exfoliator which I only used it once a week or once in 2 weeks or more. Currently I'm using this Mild Papaya Peeling from The Face Shop and I love it. Thanks to my sis who introduced this product to me. 

Next I'll wash my face again with facial wash. Then I put some toner to my face. It'll make me feel clean and refreshing after a whole busy day. 

After the toner dried on my face, then i'll put either my favourite night cream or intensive facial serum. Both are great and help my skin a lot. 

Then I'm ready for bed, my fav place in the house, yeay. Hehe.. I'll just lie on my bed comfortably wearing a comfortable night gown and surfing internets, or in this case update my blog. But it will not long coz i prefer to cuddle with my baby girl more than anything. Not lonag after, my husband usually will join us too, hehe. 

Well thats about it. I think. This is just roughly, not exactly everynight routine:)