Thursday, March 12, 2015


Assalamualaikum Everyone

How's your life today?
mine is awesome, haha...
Why? Simply because I already did my job to fill in e-filling (tax).
As a government servant, we are compulsory to fill in e-filing every year, and I already did mine this year, Alhamdulillah.
What makes me more excited this year? I got almost 90% refund back my money from gov. Because this year I got to fill my family insurance in rebate column..!! Isn't it awesome? It's like you paid the insurance for free. At the end of year, you can rebate and refund back your money! Yeay, bravo to all Prudential BSN Takaful's medical card holder, you guys are too smart, like me, hehehehe.

so for those that not signe up for this awesome medical card plan, dont wait, be smart and lets contact my husband today, En Mohd Asyran, at 013 387 2486, for more details and free quotation. Best service guaranteed. You can ask him anything untill you guys satisfied and InsyaALLAH you won't regret it, InsyaALLAH.  

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Prudential BSN Takaful- Medical Card Plan


Hye everyone, hope y'all in a good condition. Alhamdulillah, my baby is recovering now.
As the title above, today, I'm going to share with all of you regarding Prudential BSN Takaful. I'm sure some of you especially thus who knows me, already know that my husband is a Prudential Takaful Agent, alhamdulillah. He just love his job and love to help others.

Recently, my doctor-friend had a sick baby, and she is one of Prudential Takaful medical card holder. So to make a story short, she brought her baby to private hospital for treatment and was warded for ! week. And now her baby is as healthy as before.

So i'm going to share with you about the benefits of medical card Prudential Takaful.
First of all, Prudential is divided into 2 categories which are Takaful (islamic) and Conventional. My husband , of course , a Prudential Takaful agent.

So, There are a lots of policies under Prudential Takaful but I personally recommended to you to take medical card plan because it already cover most of it. Some will take only life insurans, some only protection insurans and some only saving but in medical card plan, it already cover all of it.

Medical Card Plan (5 in 1)
1- Medical card - cover hospital and medical bills in private hospital
2- Saving
3- Life insurans
4- Permanent disabilities/ accidents
5- Critical illnesses

One more things for you guys/ladies/mommies
medical card not only cover hospital and medical bills during ward admissions, but they also gave you daily ward allowance! YUP, DAILY WARD ALLOWANCE! but please please bear in minds, nowadays, due to GST, not all medical card policies has daily ward allowance, only THE PREMIUM MEDICAL CARD plan, which simply means the policy that at least rm 300 per month had the benefit of daily ward allowance.

But no worries guys, even though rite now you take plan medical card that below rm300 per month and no daily ward allowance, you still can upgrade your plan anytime anywhere, hehe. Maybe rite now you're a little short on monthly income to buy premium policies, but later if decided to upgrade your plan to premium plan, you can always tell your agent.

If you have enough money, I strongly suggest to you to buy premium plan, which include all the above 5 benefits plus daily ward allowance. It means literally Prudentially give us daily ward allowance, Rm100- 200 per day during ward admission. So lets say you are admitted for 1 week, it means that you can get up to rm 700 to 1400 for 7 days. :)

Here I attached an example of picture of cheque of daily ward allowance of my doctor-friend that i mentioned earlier.

This medical card plan had policy fund ranging RM 600,000 to RM 4, 000, 000 for life depending on your policy.  Which means everytime you are warded, for examples the hospital bills is 10 k, then it will deduct from this fund, NOT FROM YOUR SAVING. Your saving is safe!  

So be smart guys, instead of you just saving every month, it is way smarter if you buy medical card plan which include SAVINGS, MEDICAL CARD and PROTECTION. 

Even most of my doctor-friends and specialist buy medical card plan for themselves and for their loves one, so what are you waiting for? Be smart and buy your medical card plan policy today. 

You can contact my husband, En Mohd Asyran at this number 0133872486 (call/ pm/ whatsapp) for more details and free quotation. Best service guaranteed :) He is an official and trustfully agent, InsyaAllah. The longer you wait, the higher risk you're taking :) Start today and call/ pm/ whatsapp my husband today :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

She's sick again

11 March 2015 at 1.42am

Assalamualaikum everyone....

Alhamdulillah still alive at this moment....Syukur kepada Allah SWT..

My baby just being discharged from ward last Friday after being admitted for 2 consecutive weekss at 3 different hospitals, huhu. A very sad and tiring weeks for me.
Being a mother to a sick baby, I just cannot function as a doctor anymore, I just cannot think properly, and quite exhausted as well.

Alhamdulillah for having such a thoughtful and considerate colleagues, they didn't mind at all at me after taking long EL (emergency leave). Alhamdulillah... They also came and visited my baby in ward, which I felt so appreciated and remembered .

3 weeks ago, my baby was down with high grade fever. she was diagnosed by mommydoctor as Acute Tonsilitis. Being a mommy-doctor, I easily get panicked but I was being calm down by my hubby, hehe. I started her with oral antibiotic for 5 days, however, her symptoms still persistent and got worsened, which she started to have persistent vomiting and diarrhea as well. after 2 days of persistent vomiting and diarrhea, she started to became less active, lethargic and sunken eyeball!!??? OMG, mommy-doctor surrendered, wave a white flag. Need to bring her to casualty stat.

My baby was admitted for prolong fever and dehydrated as well. In ward she was given another course of intravenous antibiotic and intravenous fluid and after 3 days admitted, alhamdulillah she was discharged home. I then continued her oral antibiotics to be completed for 1 week.

Just 3 days after being discharged from ward, she started to have another high grade fever and this time together with shortness of breath. Again she was 'terkulai layu' at home, and again I was panicking! How come only 3 days being discharged home, she became sick again. Inside my brain, I already listed with tons of possible diagnosis and at the end of the day I myself pun confused, huhu.

So again I brought her to hospital, huhu. Chest X-ray was done and my baby was diagnosed to have nosocomial chest infection, probably she acquired the infection from previous hospitalization. Again she was admitted and this time she was given oxygen and stronger intravenous antibiotics. During specialist round the next day, I was told that she had Influenza Like Illness (ILI) and was started on antivirus, on top of anttibiotic. Ya Allah, huhu, kesian my baby.

After 1 week being warded, she was discharged home. The next day, I noted she still having shortness of breath but no fever, still having cough too. I was like, what should I do? Should I quit my job and take care of my baby? Should I go to hospital again? My husband wasn't home, outstation at Terengganu at that time, again I was panicking at home, alone.
I started to text-ed my doctor-friends, and I even call the doctor in-charged of my baby, and he calmed me down and asked me to bring my baby to the nearest hospital for nebuliser.

But this time my baby wasn't admitted. I was told probably my baby still have viral induced wheezing. sigh. So I just gave her syrup salbutamol and the symptoms resolved.
Alhamdulillah. Quite bad infection this time, huhuhu.

So after discussed with my hubsy and family, we decided not to send our baby to nursery anymore, in view of crowded issues and recurrent infection. (this is like 5th hospitalization already for my baby, huhu)

Another problem is that I need to take care of my baby after discharged home, but me a as a doctor as well? How am I gona do it? So again tebalkan muka and requested for on-leave for another 2 weeks. Alhamdulillah, my colleagues understand and considerate to cover me at workplace so that I can cuti. Alhamdulillah.

So my mission during my 2 weeks on-leave, first to take care my baby and second to find new babysitter for my baby. This time no more nursery, but rumah pengasuh perseorangan. Hopefully Allah permudahkan, aminnnn.

Susah tu nak bagi lekat nasal prong oxygen tu, hehe

see, masa tidur pun dia boleh sedar dan terus cabut nasal prong oxygen tu, huhu

mommy dan abi sama2 kerja kuat nak bagi neb kat budak sakit ni, hehe

alhamdulillah, slow recovery 

yeayyyy, aisyah dah makin active

walaupun sakit, anak mommy ni tetap rajin baca buku, hehe

yeayyy saya da sihat, tak sabar nak balik rumah ^^

Friday, March 6, 2015

Healthy Diet ???

assalamualaikum everyone :)

Been a bit busy lately. Alhamdulillah, still manage to handle everything. So, as i mentioned above, I'm going to share about my effort for healthy diet. Actually I just started on my diet. Well, I tried so many things and ways for diet but nothing beats healthy diet habit with regular exercise.

I don't know about aothers, some people are just enough on diet only and some people need exercise , and I in category people who need exercise. I guess maybe during my university life, I used to jog/ brisk walking almost every evening, so now my body become like rebound overweight.

After thinking it thouroughly and discussed it with hubby, I finally gonna do it (exercise, huhu). I thinking of taking personal trainer for me to teach me correct way (fastest way) to lose weight. Of course I ask my hubby's permission first before signed up for a personal trainer because the personal trainer is a guy, huhu.

So right now, I'm on everyday (almost everyday, hehe) exercise and training at gym at my town, under supervision of my personal trainer. He also made a manual/ list of balance diet for me to lose weight. Basically right now I'm on low carb/no carb diet with a lot of vegetables preferrably broccoli, proteins and plain water. No icy drink for me/ sweet drink/ canned drink! Plus I get to use only olive oil for my cooking, best cook my own food, no added sugar, no outside food, and green apples/guava as snack for me...!! Oh, one more, plain coffee for breakfast. huhu... tang coffee tu da suka da tapi plain coffee? no-sugar-coffee? Haihh... huhu... Quite strict my personal trainer.

I need a strict person like him because I know myself, very difficult to follow order/ compliance to diet! sob,sob. He also texted me few times a day to make sure I compliance to the diet list/manual.
I kinda like this healthy lifestyle plus healthy diet because I guess my body felt more energetic nowdays. Alhamdulillah. Hopefully I will istiqomah in this new journey. Please pray for me :)