Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm on leave ! :D


Da hantar buku log
Da hantar surat ebd posting to my boss
Da dapat tahu floating kat mana.. Medical:) alhamdulillah
Da lulus cuti rehat 2 minggu from boss medical. Baik sangat boss medical ni, even xpernah kerja under dia sebelum ni, on my very first day kt medical terus mintak cuti and she approved it. Alhamdulillah, Allah permudahkan urusanku.

Currently I'm on leave for 2 weeks. Bahagia tak terhingga. Hehe. Jadu fulltime housewife, pastu layan pulak series Desperate Housewife, terbaikla. Haha.

Well aku suka watak Bree dalam citer ni, elegance, perfectionist in everything. Excellent cooker and baker, rumah dia cantik sgt dan kemas. Sekarang ni da habis season 4. Hubby tak boleh nk download season 5 sebab ada problem skit. Nampak gayanya kena cari kat Speedy ni, hahaha.

Next week punya checklist
- car service and tukar tire plus tires realignment.
- appt with dentist
- spa

Ingat nk pegi office and sambung cuti, unpaid leave pun xpe. Best gler jadi housewife ni. Dapat uruskan rumahtangga, anak, suami. Masak fev foods hubby. Tried new recipes. Its all worth it. InsyaAllah jikalau murah rezeki kami sekeluarga, bila hubby da stable ngan job dia, aku pun da dapat lesen penuh untuk berkhidmat as a doctor, maybe aku akan quit and become freelance doctor. More flexible time and most important things is more time with hubby and aisyah. Thats my goal. My family is my top priority after Allah :) semoga Allah permudahkan. Doakan saya ye:)

Heres some picture of aisyah at playground today :)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Last day as a houseman :)

Today is my last day as a houseman. Alhamdulillah. Sekejap je 4 bulan masa berlalu in my last posting - Emergency Department. Currently 3.35am in the morning and I cant sleep, update blog pagi2 buta ni, huhu. At 8 am after this, I'll go to work as usual, but one thing make me happy now is that its my last day as houseman. Hehe..

4 months in ED- sooo much fun yet so tiring. Working with only 4 houseman in ED and have to oncall every 3 days are no kidding. Menguji kesabaran betul!
Alhamdulillah, Allah permudahkan apa yang sukar, Allah sembuhkan hati yg duka. And now I'm at the end of my journey as a houseman.

I'm gonna take a break a little while. Soo much things I wanna settle and do for my self, so I really really need this break.

First thing first. I'm gonna finish filling up my log book first, ada few pages yang tak settle lagi. Hantar log book to office. Then jumpa my handler for urusan cuti, hopefully pengarah will approve my cuti. InsyaAllah.

Checklist for things I wanna do during this cuti that I can come out for now-
- car service, alignment tires, change tires, huhu
- monthly car payment
- appointment with my dentist
- spa appointment- full body spa, rebonding hair, facial, ohhh cant wait
- attending my aerobic class (lama giler da xpegi, what to do, i'm soo busyyyy :((
- find new house (since I finish my housemanship, I have to move out from kuaters, bagi adik2 junior plak duduk, huhu)
- holiday

Thats all I can come out for now. Yg paling best, bole jadi fulltime housewife. Bestnyaaaa.. All my time for hubby and baby only, no more extra working hours, or presentations slides to prepare, no more audit case to worry about, no more phone call from hospital bugging me :) only me as a wife and mother and daughter, not doctor please, just for a while. Sooo tired..