Sunday, December 29, 2013


Salam semua

Macam biasa, sy akan post blog during oncall. Skrg ni ngah oncall lerr ni.. Ada masa free yang ciput ni, kita update blog yer adik kakok. Bole la baca tua seksok.

Da sebulan dalam posting emergency ni. Soo much fun. Memang berdebar, selalu kena pergi ambulance call, involve with life threatening cases, no kidding! But still happy. Staff2 casualty memang sporting habis, abe2 MA pn sempoi je and bnyak gler tolong, tenkiuuuuuu belakoo...

My 2014 resolution- hmmmm apa ye. Same old same old. Nk turunkan berat!!! Hahaha. Habiskan housemanship, insyaAllah hujung bulan 3. Ada satu lagi yg saya dan suami plan to do tp awal lagi untuk diberitahu. Doakan kami..

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Work out!!!

Its 6.25 in the morning..

Just finish working out.. Resting for a while before taking bath and Solat Subuh.

I need to do this regularly for the sake of my health. I gained a lot of weight after my pregnancy. And I always use my job as a excuse not to work out. Well, if I want to wait for my free time, it will take forever. I need to start now, just find time in my busy daily schedule.

Today I oncall. Start at 8am after this. I already prepare lunch for my hubby just now. Hope my body and mind can bear for today's oncall and go through for another day.

Nak jadi surirumah je boleh???? Hahaha

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Selfie... Haha

Okey jangan terkejut pulak... Haha
Actually i'm oncalling rite now. Alhamdulillah takde case kat yellow and red zone sekarang ni. Bole rehat. Tapi bila mind da set oncall, mata tak mau pejam. Mula la duk google and baca blogs orang. Best jugak. Lama da tak buat marathon baca blog orang, haha.. Dulu masa student sempat la blog-reading marathon ni. But now since da kerja, limited time and limited internet access hahaha.

Ignore mata merah sebab badan dan minda da letih sangat da tapi tak bole tido.

Aisyah da bole 'tateh tateh' ^^

Aisyah ia now 11 month old babygirl
Big girl already. She such a sweetheart and soo clever. Cepat je belajar pape yang mommy ajar.

The latest aisyah da bole tateh tateh (walk with support) hehe
I know aisyah da 11 month old and baru dapat walk with support but its normal :) its still within normal development in milestone development. Whats more important is that she's showing progress day to day. Mommy proud of u sayang .

Bila kita pegang je tangan dia nk suruh jalan, mulut dia lagi cepat sebut tateh tateh, kaki tak gerak pn lagi... Hehe.. Soooo comell...

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Off tag in casualty posting :)

Alhamdulillah yeayyyyyy
Da off tag..
Even I applied cuti during tagging, but my boss didn't extend my tag, he said I'm a 6th poster already, if you felt you can handle it without extend tag, then I allowed cuti, and I said I can handle it, hehe..
Alhamdulillah, so far so good.

Today is my second day, of off tag, and I already started on-call. Alhamdulillah, my MO is really kind and taught me a lot of thing. Felt really blessed. Thank you Allah.

Today i'm post-called, it means day off.. Yeayyy.. Hehe
I got a lot of things to do today. No time to sleep. Huhu
- groceries shopping
- car monthly payment
- going to tabung haji
- going to my tailor house
- tidy house, wash clothes yg berlambak

Hopefully I'm strong enough physically and mentally hahaha..