Saturday, July 27, 2013

Aisyah shopping spree ^^

Today is mommy's day off.. We are going to shop for aisyah's new toys and clothes. Yeayyy :)

After so long, mommy's so busy with work, finally today we can go shopping. Hehe

Since aisyah already 6 months plus and always boring lying down je everyday. Today aisyah's getting her new walker. Aisyah and mommy love it so much:)

Tapi lupa nk amik pic aisyah tried her walker at manjaku just now. I'll post it later:)

Alhamdulillah, finish my orthopedic posting:)

Alhamdulillah... Syukur kepada Allah swt meluluskan saya dalam orthopedic posting. Thank you Allah :)

As much i wanna stay in orthopedic posting, as much I wanna finish my housemanship, so terpaksa jugak go on with next posting.
I love all about orthopedic posting in Tanah Merah. All my superiors gave such a big influence to me.
Even though working in limited man powers, but we still manage to handle our team well. Its all about team work and management. I'm so lucky to be given opportunity to be trained in ortho team here. Thank you Allah, thank you to all my bosses.

Now new life begin in my next posting which is surgical posting :)
Hopefully this posting wiil be as wonderful as my ortho posting. Doakan saya ye rakan2 bloggers semua:)
Today is my 3rd day in surgical posting. So far so good. Too early to predict anything. Just pray the best for me:)
I'll update later regarding my journey in new posting...

Salam :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weaning :)

Salam semua...

Aisyah da 6 month plus.. Da start weaning, yeayyyy :)
First solid food aisyah---> cerelec with fruits :)
Aisyah love it soo much. First time bagi, terus boleh terima.
Actually da lama aisyah weaning, masa 5month plus, tapi sikit2 jela.. Hehe
Now aisyah makan cerelec 2 kali sehari.
InsyaAllah bila aisyah da besar sket, nak buat bubur nasi untuk aisyah.
Mommy kena cari dulu resipi2 solid food for baby, nanti mommy buatkan untuk aisyah comel ni..mmmmuahhhh kt adik aisyah , hehe

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dessert for today ^^

Today is my day off... Happy sgt:)

Adter study for my exam, hubby Request nk makan puding gula hangus, hehe.
Hubby cakap nak rasa air tangan saya, hehe. So i called my mom and ask for the recipee, haha

Well, bolehla, tak susah pn nk buat...hehe

Tapi takde bekas yang comel.. Nanti nk beli bekas yg comel and do it again... :))

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My viva exam is next week !!!

I will be finished my orthopaedic posting at the end of this month. Yesterday my specialists decided to do viva fo me and my friend next week.. Huhu.. Sangat2 la tak ready lagi. Asyik kerja je, tak sempat nak study. Huhu

Hari ni mood nk study ada plus takot sebab viva is just around the corner. So, malam ni da start study. Hopefully my viva will go well. Do pray for me friends. I need to pass this posting. Kena cepat2 habiskan housemanship, tak larat da, plus tak cukup HO kat Tanah Merah ni, sabar jela..

Aisyah pn tak bnyak kerenah, good babygirl, senang mommy nk study.. Love u aisya sayang.. Mmmmuaahhh

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rinduuuuu baby aisyah

Aisyah sekarang kat rumah my parents..
Mommy kerja, tak sempat nk jaga aisyah
Mommy mintak maaf :( :(
Mommy kerja untuk kita...
I miss you my babygirl... :( :(
Esok after kerja mommy pegi pick up adik aisyah ye.. Tunggu mommy... Huhu

Sunday, July 7, 2013

New life at kuaters

Salam everybody...

I'm posting a blog at 1.40 am...arghhh can't sleep... And tomorrow kerja at 7am... Huhu
Penat sangat sekarang coz only 3 houseman in the house...yahoooo... No life!!
Have to oncall 36 hours every 3 days or every other day... Masa untuk myself pn limited, apatah lagi for my husband and babygirl. 

After da bincang ngan hubby and parents, I decided to stay at kuaters hospital. Tak larat da nk drive ulang alik dari rumah. Well, not so bad stay kt kuaters. Kadang2 boring jgak sbab xde adik2 kat sini. Yang bestnya masa oncall 36 hours, I can balik kuaters jumpa my babygirl. Nk breastfeed pn mudah. Aisyah not so much problem untuk sesuaikan diri kat sini. She's sooo adorable and good babygirl. Tak banyak kerenah. Faham je mommy dia penat kerja.