Friday, March 2, 2012

i'm getting married!!!!

salam semua....

I know, it took me sooo long to update my post. it's because I was tooo busy with work and internet just not on my side. Actually i have a lot to share with you guys during my so called dissapperance,hehe. Not really, I mean, I ada je kat hospital tu. Hospital da jadi macam my second house da, or should I call my first house??entahla..
Nway, I tak excited sangat nak story pasal kerja ni, nothing much to say, just work tak habis2 siang malam.

So malam ni, out of blue, I got courage to update my blog yang da bersawang ni,huhu..YES!! I'm getting married soon. I mean literally really soon. The majlis akad nikah will be on 9th March 2012 and Majlis Kesyukuran will be on 10th March 2012. I would love to have you guys to come to my wedding ceremony, anybody who knows me are invited. The majlis kesyukuran will be held at my house---->>> Lot 865 Kg Tok Sangkut, 17070, Pasir Mas, Kelantan.

So far, all the preparations is going on very well. Lucky me, I have a lot of people help me out in preparing the majlis. Here some of the checklist that I can remember for now

- pelamin + hiasan bilik pengantin + meja beradap - checked
- khemah- checked
- baju akad nikah- checked
-persalinan di majlisat bride's house- checked
- persalinan at groom's house- checked
- hantaran- checked, thanks su
- wedding cake- chehcked
- goodies- checked
- foods - checked
- pakaian tema for families- in progress (peach theme...I loike!!)
- pasukan kompang- checked
- banners- checked
-invitation- in progress
- cuti kawen- checked
- outdoor photoshoot- in progress....urgh, betul ke The Aryani resort is full booked? T_T
- photographer- checked thanks ayahsu
- tempahan makanan pengantin- in progress

semoga ALLAH makes things easy for me and my family to arrange this event, and semoga perkahwinan ini kekal hingga ke syurga....Amin..

photos will be posted later...=)