Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my interview da habes!!!....mood:sgt happy=))

salam guys...

to those yg baca my blog, i'm sure u guys know that i'm having an interview today at SPA putrajaya
we went there by bus at 6.30 am...kelam kabut jgakla cz subuh masuk 6.10 am, and kna naik bus sharp at 6.30 am...huhu

we arrived there at about 7 am...and i saw a lot of people wearing black covered shoes with heel, and carried a file/ folder, just like us...haha,...maybe they're going to an interview too...skema like us...
what can we do, that's the dress code that we have to follow..

we went to SPA building and the place is located at 6th floor...
there's people waiting for us already

SPA: 'medical student from upm ke?'
us: 'yes' (with smiling face)
SPA: 'please wait inside'
us: 'ok, tq'...(dalam hati, erm, friendly, baik....kurang sket nerves)

it's like a big hall, surrounded by a lot of rooms...
there were other people as well that are already waiting in the hall...
we waited about half an hour, then I saw all the interviewers walked inside the rooms that surrounded the hall...
OMG, I can see my chest like nervous...I hate that feeling...(cam nak amek exam je,hehe)

then, our name were by one, to confirm our attendance...
there are several groups, and each group got different's about 11 student in one group

and I'm the second last person in my group that going to be interviewed today...
you can imagine how long i have to wait before it come to my turn...
every student was being interviewed for about 20-30 minutes for each session...
so my turn was at 12 o'clock in the afternoon.. 5 hours of waiting and nervous at the same tiring

but the awesome part is I can collect as much as information from my friends that have been interviewed already and be prepared for my turn...hehe
i got 2 very friendly interviewer, lucky me=)))

basically, this what happened during the interview

me: knock2
interviewers: coming
me: hye sir, good afternoon (with smiling face)
interviewer: hye there...please have a sit
me: thank you
interviewer: please give me ur resume and all the documents
me: oh,, my resume, and all the documents in my folder.
interviewer: so, what should I call you? mira? amirah?
me: u can call me amirah...

interviewer: ok are the second last person, u have been waiting for like, what?5 hours?
me: yes sir...*nodding my head..
interviewer: ok, so what is your preference? you want to speak in engliush or malay?
me: both also can..I prefer to speak in english, but if i cannot find a suitable word, i will use Malay word..

interviewer:, tell me what is that you want to achieve in your life? I mean your ambition. is that doctor is what you want or something else?
me: ever since i was in primary school, i want to be a doctor. doctor is actually my dream job, and all my study, i did it purposely to get a place in medical school. besides that, my father also want me to be a doctor, so he always support me for that.

interviewer: hmm,, tell me why you want to be a doctor so much in ur life?is it because of the salary? or is it because you think it is a glamour job? or what? what is your reason?
me: initially, my aim is just to help people...besides that, my father was sick before, and i want to help other people just like all the doctors help my father..for me, doctor is the most trusted job in Malaysia
interviewer: everybody said their father is what is your father's disease actually?
me: I'm not so sure because I was in secondary school at that time. but what i know, they did total thyroidectomy to my, I think, myabe they found some kind of dysplastic changes or any kind of malignancy, but I'm not so sure why they did total, not subtotal or partial thyroidectomy. i do know that my father had symptoms of hyperthyroidism.
interviewer: so, your father still alive or passed away?what medications he's on?
me: he's alive, and currently he's taking clacium and thyroxine. he need to take it for life
interviewer: they dont give calcitriol?
me: from what i know, only 2 types of medication, calcium and thyroxine
interviewer: so, what do you think the reason they give calcium to your father?
me: because they did total thyroidectomy, and parathyroid glands attached to the thyroid, so mybe they got removed together with thyroid or get destroyed during the procedure. 
interviewer: ok, good. i just want to know weather u're thinking or not. semms like u're thinking..(with smiling face)

interviewer: what do you think the responsibility of the doctor toward your patient?
me: for me, we as a doctor have to treat patient as a whole. we have to be fair, justice to our patient. we cannot be like choosy, we have to treat the patient whoever they are.
interveiwer: only that?
me: erm, ...(xsempat nk jawab, he's already explaining evrything to me=))))
interviewer: do you think an attitude of doctor is important especially during medical crisis?
me: absolutely....attitude is very important especially during medical crisis.for example of the patient had a terminal illness, and patient was like loose hope, doctor's job is very important in that kind of situation. we have to be able to give advise to patient to have a good quality of life. eventhough, the disease is terminal, and patient had little time to live, we should be able to calm our patient, advise them regarding on how to achieve a better quality of life
interviewer: yes, i agree with you. knowledge alone is not enough to be a good doctor. a good doctor must have a good attitude as well.

interviewer: so, if your staff or maybe staff that are not from medical field, like technician, or IT people, you think that you are more superior then them?
me: No!!...i will not think like that, because, they have their own speciality, like in this case, speciality in IT, which i don't have, so i cannot think like i'm superior then them,. besides that, i cannot work alone, i have to be able to work in a group. i mean team work is very important in order to achieve good result. so i must respect others.
interviewer: hmm, (nodding head), you're saying, you have to be humble?
me: yes, that is what i'm saying
interviewer: know your grade when you started to work as a houseman later?
me: yes, UD41...
interviewer: it is the lowest grade in doctor's job, do you know that?
me: yes, i'm aware
interviewer: so you must be humble and respect your staff, ok?
me: absolutely doctor.
interviewer: good (smiling face again)..hehe

interviewer: so, if a nurse call you in the middle of the night, telling you that there's a patient with chest pain, and you are the doctor oncall at that night. i mean u re at your quaters right now, so, how do you manage this situation?
me: i will tell the nurse that i will come immediately, and meantime, the nurses can prepare the patient ( again, xsempat nk explain, interviewer dah interrupt)
interviewer: yes, of cannot say wait for me untill i get there. u have to manage your patient in a phone. order the nurse to do whatever she can do like giving sublingual GTN to relieve the pain, set up ECG and cardiac monitor, stabilize the condition of the patient

actually, bnyak lagi question yg I kena tnya today, but, da penat nk type, haha.....other qiestion is basically based on moral and medical ethics...
so to all my friends yg belum interview lagi, you guys better read a bit about:
-medical ethics
-the FIVE  principles of ethics(prevly only 4, but now FIVE, remember that)
        1- beneficient
        2-malaficient (do no harm)
-Organizatios ofMOH and nama2 pemimpin negara
        -agung (Duli yg maha mulia sultan mizan zainal abidin- 13th agung)
        -canselor UPM- sultan sharafuddin idris syah al haj
        -prime minister (Dato' sri najib tun razak)
        -timbalan PM (tan sri mohyidin yassin)
        -menteri pengajian tinggi (dato' seri mohd khaled nordin)
        -menteri kesihatan (YB dato' sri liow tiong lai)
        -timbalan menteri kesihatan (dato' rosnah sirlin)
        -ketua setiausaha negara (Dato' seri Hj Dr Nasir)- pangkat turus 1
        -ketua pengarah kesihatan (Tan sri hj. dr mohd ismail merican)
-vission, mission KKM, corporate culture of MOH, piagam hospital (my frend got this question)
-difference between MMA and MMC (another friend got this question)
-all basic medical stuff- chest pain (i got this Q), DM, ortho case(my friend got septic arthritis and knee pain), O&G a9my frend got per vaginal bleeding), peads (my frend got NNJ), etc
-what do you think in case of teenage got raped, and pregnant, and the parents of the victim doesn't want to keep the child, what you decision?
-what do you understand bout 1 malaysia concept, klinik 1 malaysia?
-values of 1 malaysia (ad lapan sume)-mnemonic CAL HIM PE
    1- C= culture of excellent
    2- A= acceptance
    3- L= loyalty
    4- H= humanity
    5- I= integrity
    6- M= meritocracy
    7- P= preserverance
    8- E= education
-slogan 1 malaysia
    year 2009- rakyat di dahulukan, pencapaian di utamakan (people first, performance now)
    year 2010- menjana transformasi (generating transformation)
-rukun negara
-isu2 semasa (kempen kurangkan berat-7 langkah, kempen 5M, ComBi, etc...tgk kt infosihat, MOH)

so, I wish you all BEST OF LUCK IN YOUR INTERVIEW...=)))))))))

love u all guys....



Friday, January 21, 2011

berakhir sudah dermato exam=)))))))))

salam guys....

Alhamdulillah....hari ni, berakhir sudah exam dermato....ringan cket kepala otak ku...huhu
TAPI....still ad lagi keje2 yang tak beres....

petang tadi, lebih kurang pkul 4pm, baru leh kua dari dewan exam....
sejam je lagi sebelum kol 5, office hour....and sy ad 3 benda kena settle in 1 hour,huhu
-hantar buku di libry
-pegi radiology departmen untuk hantar salinan2 sijil2 and dokumen2 untuk di sahkan
-pegi putrajaya, amek sijil lahir yg baru   ^_^

alhamdulillah, I managed to settle all three in one hour...
so, skrg ni ad few other things lagi yg perlu di bereskan
-resume untuk interview SPA nanti
-sahkan salinan sijil lahir
-practice interview and cari bahan untuk bakal2 questions yg akan di tnya during interview tu nanti

seram second tyme sy akan pergi interview ngn jpa/ spa
1st tyme dulu, msa dpat tawaran sambung belajar ke jepun msa lepas SPM dlm bidang engineering la...
di sebabkan minat yg mendalam untuk amek medic ni, trpaksa la lupakan hasrat gi sane,huhu...T_T...
anyway, tu kesah lame....

yg pentingnya sekarang, next week bersamaan hari rabu, 26 Jan, another interview...
tapi kali ni interview untuk keje nanti...hehehe....

step first, daftar diri sbgai kakitgn kerajaan........settle
second step, isi borang maklumat diri and 3 choices hospital untuk bekerja nanti......settle  (HKB, HKB, HUSM...haha....sume hospital kt kelate....xsabar da nk balik duk umah...;p;p)
-3rd step---->> interview dgn SPA next week...arghhh....wish me luck ye kwan2...

well, sy dengar2 kabar dari member2, ad 3 interviewer nanti...
if i'm not mistaken, satu wakil SPA, satu wakil kementerian kesihatan, sorang lagi tu doktor...huhu
i ni jenis yg nerves sket bile kena interview ngn org yg i xknal...
exam clinical dgn our own lecturers pn da dup dap dup dap, ni kan ngn org2 yg xknal...huhu
harap2 lulus la nanti interview tu...

korang rase2 pe yg bakal di tnya ek nanti?
ni ramalan sy ler....if sape2 yg akan di interview jgak next week, i hope ramalan i ni leh tlong korang,heheh

-vission, mission KKM
-rukun negara
-permodalan insan
-basic things in medicine such as 'how to give counselling regarding contraceptive methods to your patient?', or 'hoe to break bad news to your patient and the family members?' etc...the basic things la...
-name2 menteri, pengarah hospital yg korang mintak (kot2 la, xsure gk)
-knape korg pilih hospital2 tersebut....

insyaALLAH....doa bnyak2, prepare secukupnya, n tawakkal je la=)))))
kalo da lulus yg 3rd step ni,....
then leh move on to 4th step....lulus PROFESSIONAL EXAM 3...huhuhuhu T_T (18 April)

anyway...i wish u guys all the best in whatever u're doing...


                        Tunggu kabar gembira dari kami berdua ye kawan2 yg disayangi sekalian=)))

Thursday, January 20, 2011

bakat terpendam~...hahah..:-*

salam guys....

hari ni happy sgt2....ngeh2...
walopon esok exam, tp hari ni hati sy berbunga2, wah....dlm hati ada taman,hahah
xmo stress2, hidup mesti happy....cewah...
ok, ad stress sket la, 1% kot, stress untuk professional exam 3 yg lebih kurg 12 weeks more..huhu
mna tak stress nya, exam ni sgt2 bermakna bagi sume local university undergraduate medical student...
segala ilmu yg di pelajari selama 5 tahun akan di uji dalam pro exam tu nanti....seram gler kot~

ok, regarding the title above, bakat terpendam, hmmm....
ni bukan tentang diri sy ni...
terbaru, sy try cungkil bakat ice skating,haha....
and nmpaknya ice skating tu bukan bakat terpendam sy la....bakat timbul pn tak jgak
mksudnya memang xde bakat la....huhu....*down*
nampak cm mudah je bile tgk cter 'go figure' or 'ice princess'...
tapi bile da try, haaaa, ambek ko, dua tiga kali gakla hampir2 jatuh....huhu
alangkah best bile dpat jd figure skater....hmmm

anyway, I don't know weather u guys wanna call this 'bakat terpendam' or just ordinary thing je
it's about him...
selalunya kalo dy nk memujuk, dy akan wat suprise datang jumpa sy kat sini, pastu dy belikan my peberet coklat---->> cadbury hazel nut and Hersye's kisses....
tp this time lain sket...dy antar gambar yg dy lukis....comel ngat....hahah (ceh, xdpat mkn coklat)

 ni la gambarnye....hehe

ad satu lagi gmbar tp yg tu jiwang sgt kot....malu plak nk upload kt sini,hahah...
whatever it is, thanks, suke sgt....hehe

wish me luck for my exam tomorrow....
next 2weeks leh balik kampung.....oyeah!!!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

life is not always awesome....huhu


tonight, my life is not as awesome as it should be...hehe
day after tomorrow is my end posting dermatology exam and tonight, my mood got spoiled by somebody

it is clearly not my fault, and that person simply accused me for this 'cold fight'
i hate this....xpikir ke aku nk exam lusa??!!!!! huh

i know, i'm a bit paranoid after that stupid incidence, but i'm learning how to bear with that, not forget, of course, i won't forget it for the rest of my life...
yala, 1st time in my life i met the real life so-called-ntahla-xtau-nk-bagi-gelaran-ape....hahah....jarang2 manusia kot dpat pluang cam ak ni....wah, i'm sooooo lucky,hahah....

lantaklerrr, hengat ak kesah?my exam is far more important than YOU =)))))))))))))))
skejap je distracted, sekejap je, 2,3 saat je kot,haha....
oh spirit, please come back to me...pliz (muka mengharap gler...exam lusa beb)

sabar pn ad batas gk kn?
mlm ni, kena bercintan-cintun ngn text books n notes jela....oyeah2x....chaiyok2 mira=))))


Saturday, January 15, 2011

sy dan sedentary lifestyle...~ T_T

salam guys....

sy dan sedentary lifestyle...
yup, dats my life now...huhu....
as you may know, skrg ni sy kt campus KL, damai....
problem btolla...tiap kali kna pindah cni, ini ler salah satu bnda yg sy xsuke..
of cos la ad jgak yg bestnye duk cni...
-bnyak choices kdai mkan
-dkat ng lrt, senang nk kua shopping,ngeee
-dkat ngn hospital
-bilik ad aircond,heheh

tp msalahnya duk cni xde tmpat untuk riadah...
ok, fine,memg dkat ngn taman tasik titiwangsa (kalo naik kete), tp kalo jln kaki, jenuh jgakla...
lgpun kalo nk pegi sane, kena in group especially for girls, bahaya...knapa?bnyk IVDU...huhu

dulu duk kolej 17 kt serdang, bknye jenis yg aktif sukan pn sy ni...
jogging pn xsmpai satu round da pancit..
but i love brisk walking...kalo brisk walk, bole tahan la...hehe
better la daripada xde lansung, mcm skrg ni...

skrg ni duk damai ni, memg totally sedentary lifestyle...
pagi2 pegi kelas kt grand season, patu g HKl, patu balik bilik, makan, tido..
spare tyre pn da bnyak ni kt perut...
mule2 tayar basikal, lame2 tayar lori....huwaaa T_T
duk dalm bilik aircond ni asyik ngantuk je keje....
tmbah2 lpas hyperglycemic state, ngantuk gler2....
so, apa lagi, terus lompat ke katil...;p

any suggestion nk atasi msalah ni??

Sunday, January 9, 2011

jom pegi jalan2,cuti2 malaysia....

salam guys~

post kali ni sy nk share tmpat2 yg sy visit sebelum ni...
best sgt2, memg hobby sy...
tmpat2 yg sy pegi with him and my friends...

at malacca...hehe

banana boat, port dickson

kt apartmen kitorg, port dickson

at johor~

pulau redang with bam n fara

snorkeling at pulau redang=)

sky trex, shah alam

zoo negara with him,hehe

genting highland...hehe

sunway lagoon

mr scofield,haha

taman botani, pulau penang

jakarta wif my BFF

jom sape2 yg nk g jalan2 especially kt langkawi ke, cameron highland ke, ajak sy skali ek....hehe

tata, nk g tgk AJL u guys=))

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Post-exam's jAlaN2~ ^_^

salam guys~

my surgery end-posting exam ended yesterday (friday)...

today (saturday), pagi2 lagi, lpas subuh, trus mandi...
wah, jarang benor sy mandi awal tyme weekend ni...hehe
sbab nya hari ni da plan nk gi jalan2 ngn my superhero and my bro...heheh

my bro skrg ngah tnggu result SPM dy, so dy decide nk keje, and now, dy keje kt Shah Alam...
around 7 am, my superhero tu da smpai da dpan blok (gler cpat bawak kete)
so, mula2 sy n dy kena pegi Raub dulu, have to go, terpaksa,huhu, atas sebab yg tidak dpat di share di sini...
part pegi situ xbest pn, yg otw balik dr Raub ni yg best,...
out of blue, asyran ajak sy pegi Fraser's Hill....
dy ckap pegi kjap je...sbabnya dy da pnah pg sane with his friends, and dy nk bwak sy knal tmpat tu plak.....ap lagi, trus sy excited...ngeeee;p..

here's some pictures msa kt Fraser's Hill tu...
muka bahagia otw ke fraser hill,hahah

alamak,senget plak pic ni....soriiii...

duk kt atas bukit yg sejuk tu,cpat je lapar...hehe

around 12 tngah hari, baru kitorg trun dari bukit fraser tu....
sejuknya ALLAH je yg tau (cm mna la nk oberc neh ;p)

lpas tu, kitorg g Shah Alam, g amek my bro, and pegi mid valley....
sale bnyak gle kt mid valley, smpai 6 feb,haha...promote jap...

erm, tu je kot,heheh....