Saturday, October 30, 2010

Buah Hati Terbaru Dy~

Story that I'm going to share with you guys today is isn't about me...It is about someone I care....

First of all, you guys don't be alarmed with the title above (or more accurately, Amirah, don’t be alarmed, hehe)...'Buah hati terbaru dy'...
Actually it is about his new hand phone-----> Nokia C6

He's being surveying the new phone for quite some time..
Last few weeks, during his convocation days, we went to The Mines to survey the phones and he had few choices of interest and one of them was Nokia C6, but he decided not to buy any phone yet…

Then, after he went back to his hometown, out of blue, his father asked him whether he want a new hand phone or not.... and of course, he answered YES….;p

So, today, he went to Kota Bharu with his father…he decided to buy hand phone like me, Nokia xpress music, because he said he did not want to burden his father.

After class, in the evening, I called to ask him whether he bought the phone or not. But he cannot talk at that time because he was in the middle of something. Ok, fair enough…

About half an hour later, he called me. His voice sounded soo sad, more like frustrated voice, or maybe should I call like my voice after I got scolded by doctors..;p
He said he didn’t buy the phone, I mean, the xpress music phone like he was planning to.

In my mind, I tot he cancelled his plan to buy the phone. So I just comfort him and said maybe next time. And you guys know what he said? ‘sy TERbeli Nokia C6’….urghhh…you guys xrasa like menyampah ke?or like annoying gler…hahahah….as if he accidentally bought the phone…;p;p and after I expressed rasa xpuas hati gler, he without felt any guilty, boleh gelak besar…huhu

Well personally I think Nokia C6 is not bad in term of function and I think the design is smart…I know that nowadays, the trend is I-phone 4 and blackberry. I-phone 4 is too expensive, I think, and bb lak, most of my friend used it, da ramai sangat guna bb…

He deserved the new phone. Actually, he’s being using my old phone for almost a year. Kesian jgakla coz my old hand phone tu da nyawa2 ikan..hehe..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Long way to go~


Uncountable ‘nikmat’ from Allah. Thank you Allah for everything. Alhamdulillah, I’m in final year already. Even though it is FINAL year, but actually my journey has only BEGUN. It is still a very long way to go. As much I’m afraid of what is going to happen tomorrow, it is as much as I can’t wait to know what is going to happen tomorrow. However, just bear in my mind, whatever you do, whatever you are up to, everything will come back to you. What goes around comes around. I love this phrase most. I know, sometimes our life seems to be not fair in our eyes, but just be thankful to Allah, and everything will be fine. Our life will be nothing without some ‘ujian’ and we have to be strong and patient to face all these ‘ujian’ (and don't forget to raise our hand and make doa=)))

Even I am now freaking out because my paediatric end-posting exam is just around the corner (and I don’t have bus/ train ticket for raya haji yet,huhu), but I still have time to post new entry in my blog, hehe. Never mind, I’ll study after this ;p;p…
Speaking of, I heard ticket for final football Malaysia cup game is RM30…I mean, hah?? Seriously, RM30?? Huhu... Quite expensive, but, erm I guess, hardcore football fans won’t have any problem with that, right? (ye kerrrr…ntahla..) Whatever it is, Peace No War!!! hehe

bye guys...I have to finish my case write up,huhu

Sunday, October 24, 2010

For the rest of my life~ Maher Zain ♥

Assalamualaikum to all~

I knew Maher Zain from facebook, I mean I knew his songs...;p
I listened to most of his song, I love them all...
Abe yo gave me soft copy of Maher Zain's songs collection....almost everyday I listened to his songs..

One day, my rumate play the Maher Zain's song namely 'Thank You Allah'...
Then, I ask her, what her favourite song, and she said 'For the Rest of My Life'...
I searched the song in my mp3 collections, but I couldn't find it...
I asked her again, was it the title was correct or not, (because i tot i had all the Maher Zain's songs, hehe), and she said Yes..

Then she searched at you tube....and, that was my first time I listened to the song....And I fall in love with this song at my very first time listened to it....soooooo romantic....Thanks to my roomate

Here I want to share the lyrics of the song....Beautiful and meaningful~

I praise Allah for sending me you my love
You found me home and sail me with me
And I'm here with you
Now let me let you know
You've opened my heart
I was always thinking that love was wrong
But everything was changed when you came along
And theres a couple words I wan to say

For the rest of my life
I'll be with you
I'll stay by your side
Honest and true
Till the end of my time
I'll be loving you....loving you

For the rest of my life
Thru days and night
I'll thank Allah for open my eyes
Now and forever I....I'll be therefor you
I know that deep in my heart
I feel so blessed when I think of you

And I ask Allah to bless all we do
You're my wife and my friend 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Teringin nk ada majlis kawen camni=)))

First of all, I found this video from my BFF blog- Ika Suhaimi
Tajuk dy "Pengantin Yang Sporting...(underwater camera)"

Aku tertarik dgn "Underwater Camera"....well, memang worth la aku tunggu video ni buffer, BEST!
Not to mention lagu yang best, pengantin yang sepadan & sporting, and cameraman (or woman) yg PRO, and videomaker yg SUPERB, I think.... 

Aku try nk put video dalam ni, tp ad msalah teknikal, so ak letak link jola ek, hehe....sorry guys..


Friday, October 22, 2010

what is/are inside my bag?? ^_^

Hye, salam everyone =)))

'what is/are inside my bag?'

I don't know about you guys but for me, i'm quite curious to see what is/are inside other's bags especially my BFF and him..just for fun...but of course after I get permission from the owner la....hehe

If you are interested to know what are the basic stuff inside my bag, you can scroll down and have a look, but if you don't, just ignore this post=)))

Sorry guys, I know, this pic is not consistent with the title, I mean, this is not the stuff inside my bag, but this is the bag.....which is important rite?coz, without her, there won't be such a thing (post,hehe) like "what is/are inside my bag"....hehe...;p

Ok, lets see what is the first thing that I won't forget to bring =))) express music handphone...heheh...can't live without it....hehe....nope, i mean, it isn't that i cannot live without it, or will die without it (bear with me...;p;p), but i would rather went back to my room just to get it, if i happen to forget to bring this along with me... 
Make up???? wake up amirah  yes!!! make up...haha....can't go out without them ;p

kunci rumah!!!  very2 important ok...(kalo xnak pg ngadap staff kolej untuk mntak kunci pendua)

Oh thank God....Alhamdulillah...sedar diri pun...; are not medical student without them....orait2, i'll put that in my mind...heheh

pen color2?? during my oncall, one of doctor during round 'ternmpak' my joter book, and she said this to me----> "sejak bile medical student guna pen color2?? "...huhu...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I guess today is my BAD day ok!!

After class, I planned to go to ward for some short cases or at least 1 long case. I already ‘cop’ one patient for long case, Dengue Hemorrhagic Case. Unfortunately, after class, at my room, just about to pray zuhur, I got migraine!!! Urghhh….I hate migraine.
I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t, my head was burning, excruciating pain, I guess. I took 2 pills of paracetamol, then I fall asleep, when I woke up, Alhamdulillah, it’s gone. I looked at the time, it passed 5 pm already, means that it is visiting hours already, and thus I decided to cancel my plan to go to the ward. It’s not my intention, I mean, no point for me to go to the ward at visiting hours, student are not allowed to clerk patient at visiting hours, it’s time for patients and their family.
At night, I felt guilty because I didn’t manage to clerk patient today, thus I planned to pay it by studying tonight. Again, another ‘ujian’ for me, I had another problem which I couldn’t share it here, it’s personal, and it’s so so so……argh, I don’t know how to express it in words…I cannot concentrate with my study, Ya Allah, help me….
Bye guys…I have to fight this, yes!! I have to~
Gud luck to my self=)))

~His convocation day!!! ~ ♥ (11/10/10)

Ok, i wrote that date's mean that it is as 2 times important date for both of us..;p
It is actually the date of his convocation day..

He came to K17 bout 1 week earlier....just to finish up with his proposal for master..
Unfortunately, I’m too busy with classes, bed side teaching bla i didn't have much time to accompany him for his convo preps.

Alhamdulillah, I managed to attend his actual convo day (11/10/10)
Even though I came a bit late because in the morning, I have to follow ward round at hospital, but I felt satisfy…

He looked so happy, and happy, and happy,  and it makes me happy too, heheh.....=))))
We took a lot of pictures at main campus, of course…then had our lunch with his family and again continue took pictures at Putrajaya…haha

Here are some pictures….=)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My beloved family

Alhamdulillah….i have a big family….abah umi, my siblings n me, total=11 persons=)))
Abah is a teacher (cikgu disiplin,hehe), he’s a nice person, loving, responsible, independent, dedicative in his work, disciplined, strict (especially dlm soal agama n academic), and guess what?? Funny (his student might not agree with this ;p)..
Well, I guess his student might not agree with some of the above characters, but who cares, I’m his daughter, I know him better…hehe
My ummi, I think she’s sweet, loving, talkative, very friendly, easy going person, love to smile and laugh and talking, hehe….
Whenever I had personal problem, my ummi would be the first person that I will call
Whenever I had problem with my study or some kind of official matter or financial problem,hehe, abah would be the first person I will call….=)))
Love them so much…
I’m the eldest out of 9 siblings. Orait, I know…u r not the first person yg ckap ‘ramainye’, but I love big family. I myself am planning to have many kids one many??rahsiaaaaaaaa (u’ll know ;p;p)
Thank you Allah~

doctor to be~

Actually, ever since I was in primary school, I always told people that I want to be a doctor one day. But the truth is, I don’t really have any ambition at that time. I just want to impress my father. Only when I was in high school, I really know what I want in my life which was being a doctor one day. Initially, when my father asked me about my ambition, I used to answer 'I want to be a ustazah'

 I hoped I will impress my father with that answer. It is a good ambition but it is not what my father wanted me to be.  I was hoping the impression that I will get from my father would be like ‘wow that is very good dear’ or ‘I really happy for u’ or anything with happy face. Unfortunately, the impression that I got from my father was a serious face with no word at all. And then, I realize that, it was not the ambition that my father wanted to hear from me.

 Time passed, and I got to know that actually my father wanedt me to be a doctor. He always told me that I want to be a doctor. I mean, how that my father knew what I want to be? But I just deal with it.

From that time on, every time people asked about my ambition, I told them I want to be a doctor because my father asked me to answer like that. It is funny but it is the truth. Actually, somehow it worked. Slowly, I set my mind that I want to be a doctor. Only, when I was in high school, I really knew what I want